Alien abductions

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Alien abductions

While it is hard for even the most enthusiastic ufologist or alien researcher to take these statements entirely seriously, they are still very interesting ideas. The man, who was eventually identified as Jeffrey Alan Lash, was found with over a thousand guns, as well as other weapons such as knives, machetes, and a bow and arrows.

In addition to the car he was discovered in—which was designed to be able to drive underwaterno less—he also owned 14 other vehicles. His fiance, Catherine Nebron, made the off-the-wall announcement of his otherworldly origin through her attorney shortly after his death.

She stated that Lash had confided in her several weeks before he died that he was working undercover for several unnamed government agencies.

She claimed that she had encountered what she believed to be alien abductions many times throughout her life—which included medical procedures and impregnation—but that she now realized these experiences were more likely part of the program.

She was told by her father that, as a child, she was taken in the middle of the night to an underground military facility. There, she was regularly tested and examined by government agents there.


Despite the many doubters to her story, no DNA testing has been volunteered by Crawford to confirm her claims. In the book, he claims to have met several alien hybrids, all of whom state they are involved in a mission that will improve the human race.

Mendonca claims that DNA testing would be of little use to help prove his claims, as only human DNA would be detected and anything else would simply be ignored.

He also stated that the hybrids themselves are against their DNA being taken for fear that governments would use it to create super soldiers that would be utilized by the military.

Porter is an experienced ufologist who is a regular speaker at UFO seminars. Porter has conducted extensive research for over four decades which has led her to conclude that the alien hybrid agenda is very real.

She also states that this agenda is not for the good of mankind, as many who make similar claims say it is. According to Kuita, Mother Earth sent out a signal for help into the cosmos many decades ago.

She further claims that she originates from the planet Faqui, which she says is in the Andromeda galaxy, and that her people are called Fajans.

Alien abductions

Kuita believes her mission is to assist in awakening other star beings and ultimately raise the vibration of planet Earth, which she says is being monitored by countless beings throughout the cosmos.

While these are most likely just normal children who happen to have extremely high intelligence for their young ages, some claim that they are the result of genetic engineering. As a violent storm proceeded to sweep over the area, Jason apparently began to mutter a series of numbers, seemingly in a trance-like state.

As suddenly as it had begun, the shaking of the house and the storm ceased, and Jason returned to his normal self.

The family appeared to forget about the incident until eight years later, when Jason informed them that since that day, he had been abducted by strange beings that would come into his room and take him to some kind of operating table. His mother, Ann Andrews, along with UFO researcher and author Jean Ritchie, came to the conclusion that Jason was an Indigo Child, and this was the reason that the aliens had an interest in him.

Jason himself, now in his thirties, states that he does have certain psychic and spiritual abilities. Pattillo wrote a book about her experiences titled Children of the Stars and stated that her daughter and many other alleged Star Children are the incarnation of spirits that have been sent to Earth from all over the universe for the benefit of the human race.

Bridget claims to have 10 alien-hybrid children, while Aluna says that she has three otherworldly offspring. They hope that one day they can set up a community somewhere far from the city for themselves and other mothers of hybrid children.

This they believe will allow their cosmic children to feel safe enough to visit them on Earth. Bridget claims to be in regular contact with all 10 of her children and says that hundreds of women around the world are mothers to hybrid children but simply do not realize it. Jacobs is now the director at the International Centre for Abduction Research and has conducted interviews and studies of over abductees.

He has also released several well-written and well-received books to make his argument to the wider public—all of which have been published by respected publishers.

He states that abductees, albeit under hypnosis, more often than not recall the exact same obscure details. Many female abductees frequently speak of being impregnated before having the fetus removed surgically, and then being forced to nurse the infant. He also reports that at the time of the alleged abductions, the person is usually genuinely physically missing, with many loved ones reporting the person missing before they suddenly reappear again.

Their main goal was to harvest the life force from humans. Following the interview with PR, Bartley concluded that there are three types of alien hybrids on Earth.

There are alien abductees who have had their genetic makeup altered by their abductors. And then there are hybrids that appear for the most part as normal human beings. It is this last type of hybrids that the reptilians have placed in positions of power around the world.

Coincidentally or not, this last claim of hybrids is very much in line with author David Icke, who has made similar claims of reptilian hybrid aliens for the last two decades. He was the product of a top-secret government experiment to produce an alien hybrid.

According to Page, his father is actually an alien from the Pleiades star system. He made the discoveries after he agreed to be hypnotically regressed.One of the most documented and believable cases in UFOlogy is the experience of one woman's abduction aboard a UFO.

Her name is Betty Andreasson Luca who is a devout Christian. During her abduction, she was taken before a being of intense light and love called "the One.".

Alien abductions

The US is no stranger to claims of alien abductions, but the first widely publicised case remains one of the most famous and well-regarded.

While driving back through the night home from a holiday.

Barney and Betty Hill - Wikipedia

further reading. reader comments. books and articles. Baker, Robert. "The Aliens Among Us: Hypnotic Regression Revisited," The Skeptical Inquirer, Winter When we first hear about alien abductions, it is easy to dismiss the entire idea as crazy or unprovable nonsense.

However, after doing a little research into the matter, you will find that there is actually a lot of evidence that supports their occurrence. The Hill’s story is possibly the most documented UFO abduction case in history and has been studied by many researchers, including renowned investigator Stanton Friedman, who wrote the book Captured!

The True Story of the World’s First Documented Alien Abduction. UFO Casebook investigates UFO Cases of Alien Abduction.

Abductions and Abductees - Abducciones y Abducidos