An analysis of the origins of todays house music

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An analysis of the origins of todays house music

An analysis of the origins of todays house music

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An analysis of the origins of todays house music

To that mystifying music they call the key". Whole litany of Jack Attacks beseiged the music scene. House music takes its name from an old Chicago night club called The Warehouse, where the resident DJ, Frankie Knuckles, mixed old disco classics, new Eurobeat pop and synthesised beats into a frantic high- energy amalgamation of recycled soul.

Professor Funk is now a recording artist. He appears on stage dressed in the full regalaia of an old world English King singing weird acidic house records like "Work your Body" and "Visions".

The Professor believes that the excitement of house music can be traced back to the creativity of The Warehouse. The decadent beat of Chicago House, a relentless sound designed to take dancers to a new high, it has its origins in the gospel and its future in spaced out simulation techno.

New York based disco labels, like Prelude, West End, Salsoul, and TK Disco, literally pioneered a form of orgasmic gospel, which merged the sweeping strings of Philadelphia dance music with the tortured vocals of soul singers like Loleatta Holloway.

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Her most famous releases, "Love Sensation" and "Hit and Run" became working models for modern house records. After an eventful career which began in Atlanta and the southren gospel belt, Loleatta joined Salsoul Records during the height of the metropolitan disco boom, before returning to her hometown of Chicago.

According to Frankie Knuckles, house is not a break with the black music of the past, but an extreme re-invention of the dance music of yesterday.

He sees House music with a very clear tradition, a kind of two-way love affair with the city of New York and the sound of disco. But most of all he relishes the sound where the church and the dancefloor are thrown together with a willful disregard for religious propriety.

Religion weaves its way through the house sound in ways that would confound the disbelievers. Most people believed that Walter Gibbons was a fading legend in the early history of disco, then in he resurfaced, and had a new and immediate impact on the development of Chicago House Sound.

Gibbons released an independent 12" record called "Set It Off" which started to create a stir at Paradise Garage, the black gay club in New York, where Larry LeVan presided over the wheels of steel.

Within weeks a "Set It Off" craze spread through the club scene, including new versions by C. Gibbons had set the tone again, the "Set It Off" sound was primitive House, haunting, repetitive beats ideal for mixing and extending.

For major house stars like Frankie Knuckles, the disco consul is a pulpit and the DJ is a high priest.Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and can be an idea or a task, but is more likely to be one of the activities or events that have developed over thousands of years specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience's attention.

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