An introduction to the future of the year 2069

Also contact Co-Directors, Global Options, if you have important information that you think should be added to this Home Page, or other related Home Pages. Why Studying the Future and Change is Important Change is happening at an ever faster rate today--driven partly by technological changes leading to changes in all other areas of our lives, and by the increasing interdependence between countries and peoples today, as well as the decentralization of societies and institutions within countries also furthered by information technologies today. The end of the Cold War is also changing political and economic borders, systems, and alignments, as everyone seeks to become part of a global economy and society, while still maintaining national, ethnic, and cultural identities and meaning.

An introduction to the future of the year 2069

Thanks to unsettling cartoon pornography. Pepper of hip hop" and a "masterpiece" by critics. For a while there, we forgot that Kanye has been making the music half of "rap music" since he was years old. Before he ever picked up a microphone, other big names, such as Jay-Z, Nas and Ludacriswere clamoring to rap over his beats.

So when he actually got around to doing the one thing that made him famous in the first place, we probably shouldn't have been so surprised that he was good at it.

This isn't the first time we've seen an artist create like a genius while acting like a lunatic; we're just not used to seeing it in rap music. Brian Wilson had a reputation as a tortured genius, crippled by shyness and stage fright but with a head full of opaque brilliance that the rest of us could appreciate only when he sat down at his piano.

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It might be time to start thinking of Kanye West as the opposite of Brian Wilson. Instead of struggling with crippling shyness, Kanye forces his fans to deal with his crippling case of whatever the opposite of shyness is.

Other than that, the two men are identical. Continue Reading Below Advertisement There was even a moment at this year's Video Music Awards when Kanye made us think, if only for a split second, that maybe he'd orchestrated the whole controversy on purpose just to keep us talking about him.

He returned to the scene of the crime, and performed his new album's hit single, "Runaway," mixing every layer of the song together on his keyboard as if to remind us that, yes, he's a musician. The chorus "Let's give a toast to the douche bags" had such feeling that you almost forgot that he was making fun of himself while simultaneously making everyone else who'd made fun of him in look like they weren't in on the joke.

Continue Reading Below Granted, that's a lot of self-awareness to award a guy who wears shit like this: And also his necklace retardation. Continue Reading Below Advertisement In the end, it doesn't matter if he's self-aware, retarded like a fox or retarded like Rain Man.

As long as he makes music that critics fawn over and that the rest of us buy it probably doesn't matter. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Or maybe you've just heard people joking that they'll "backtrace" you, or report you to the "cyber police.

It's funny because he's clearly an old, uneducated redneck, the kind of guy who would beat up on a geek if he saw one in real life.

An introduction to the future of the year 2069

And all he can do is impotently shake his fist into the camera and make a bunch of nonsense threats. Continue Reading Below Advertisement It's the stuff memes are made of, a perfect geek victory we can all celebrate. The video exploded on Digg, Reddit and everywhere else. The family wound up on Good Morning fucking America.

But the truth is It was 4chan making sexual advances to, and then real-life death threats toward, an elementary school girl. Let's back up for a moment. Historians may never know whether it started with real pedophiles or simply hipsters making pedophile jokes in order to be shocking they invented the "Pedobear" meme, a child-molestation themed mascotbut we know that the No.

Which, on the plus side, is a great way to meet real live FBI agents. Anonymous sprung into action.

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This is the type of cause Anonymous really gets into. Some of you may know them only for their attacks on Scientology or their defense of the WikiLeaks leakers. You probably don't know that for every one "good" deed, they perform several hundred like this. And by "like this," we mean they hunted down the personal information of an year-old girl, including her home address and phone number, and began calling her house at all hours and making death threats.

Hundreds and hundreds of 4chan posters jumped onboard, unified in their drive to terrorize a small child.

But hey, at least they donated all that money to Iran. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement She was eventually placed under police protection, and her father flipped out and made his hilarious rant into her webcam to try to get Anonymous to back off.

A meme was born. They say one of the worst things you find out about the world as an adult is the way the oppressed, when given the chance, can be just as horrible as their oppressors. Nerds who get wedgies all day at school don't dream of equality -- they dream of being the one doing the beating and humiliating.

For proof, all you have to do is look at how Anonymous behaves when given the chance to terrorize someone who they know can't strike back.In patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) lung damage secondary to chronic infection is the main cause of death.

Treatment of lung disease to reduce the impact of infection, inflammation and subsequent lung injury is therefore of major importance.

Victoria Nelson is a writer of fiction, criticism, and memoir. Her books include Gothika and The Secret Life of Puppets, an award-winning study of the supernatural grotesque in Western culture.

th anniversary of Apollo Exactly a century has passed since Neil Armstrong made the first historic landing on the Moon. This anniversary is marked by celebrations in the lunar colonies.

Star Trek: First Contact is a American science fiction film directed by Jonathan Frakes (in his cinematic directorial debut), and based on the franchise of the same name created by Gene is the eighth film in the Star Trek film series, as well as the second to star the cast of the series Star Trek: The Next the film, the crew of the USS Enterprise-E travel back.

ABSTRACT: The objective of this study was to simulate the yield of two cassava cultivars in two IPCC future climate scenarios, the SRES-A1B (Cmip3) and the RCP (Cmip5), for the state of .

Sepsis is a common and lethal syndrome: although outcomes have improved, mortality remains high. No specific anti-sepsis treatments exist; as such, management of patients relies mainly on early recognition allowing correct therapeutic measures to be started rapidly, including administration of appropriate antibiotics, source control measures when necessary, and resuscitation with intravenous.

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