Constitution and bylaws nhs

Selection of Members Section 1. Juniors and sophomores may apply for membership to the National Honor Society during the open application period spring semester. All candidates must complete each required portion of the application by the due date.

Constitution and bylaws nhs

To advance patient outcomes by promoting the professional interests of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy residents, and pharmacy students, practicing in settings spanning the full spectrum of medication use.

Constitution and bylaws nhs

New Practitioners shall have the same rights and privileges as active pharmacist members. Annual dues shall be established by the Board of Directors.

The period of membership shall be the calendar year. Any member in arrears for dues shall cease to be a member of the Society. Such a person may be reinstated as a member provided his payment of current membership dues is made. Officers shall serve a one year term; the President-elect shall become the President at the end of the term and the President shall become the Immediate Past President at the end of the term.

These nominations shall be the sole source for candidates for these positions. Duties of Officers 1 President — The President shall be the principle elective official of NHSHP and preside at all meetings and prepare and distribute meeting agendas.

NHS / Constitution and Bylaws

The President shall be a member of the Board of Directors and serve as Chair. Vacancies 1 Authority is granted to the President to appoint a member to fill any vacant office for an unexpired term, except, President Elect. Composition 1 The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and at least three Directors are pharmacist who, as active members, shall volunteer their services.

A simple majority is required for confirmation. Technician Director s shall have one vote and Student Director s shall have one vote.

Constitution and bylaws nhs

Meetings 1 The Board of Directors, at a minimum shall meet quarterly and at the call of the chair. The Board of Directors shall: Have authority to make contributions of the NHSHP funds or properties to foundations or other organizations for research and educational activities of benefit to organized healthcare pharmacy practice.

Make ultimate decisions regarding the acts of committees and officers on professional policy matters. Perform all acts and functions consistent with the bylaws. Quorum Minimum Requirements for Conducting Business: The minimum number of Directors required for a Board of Directors meeting is five 5 voting members including at least one of the following: President, President-elect, or the Immediate Past President.

In order for an item to be approved, it must receive a majority vote from the voting members that are in attendance. Committees Committee Chairs and Members shall be appointed by the Nominations Committee and shall consist of at least 2 two pharmacists and, when available, new practitioners, students, and technicians.

They shall also conduct annual election of officers as specified in Article 3.

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The committee shall review and stay current on health-related legislation on a state and national level and report to the Board of Directors as needed. They shall work with other state pharmacy organizations to maintain a unified voice for pharmacy in New Hampshire.

This committee shall plan and arrange educational programs, select meeting sites, and identify educational topics for all continuing education programs for NHSHP. They shall also oversee all content of publications e.

The committee shall disseminate scholarship materials to potential scholarship candidates and audiences who may know of potential scholarship candidates.

They will identify candidates for student scholarships using criteria approved by the Board of Directors. The President shall appoint such additional committees, task forces or ad hoc groups as are deemed necessary to carry out the responsibilities and programs of the Society.

Proposals will be read during the Business Meeting and a vote of the majority of the total membership present shall be required for passage of an amendment. Notice shall be sent by the Secretary to each member at least 30 days in advance.The NHS National Handbook and Adviser Resource Center offer additional information on items found in the Constitution—including an outline for local bylaws—and provides guidance for advisers in applying the NHS Constitution to their work with their chapters.

1 Constitution of the Science National Honor Society Amended November 11, ARTICLE I NAME AND PURPOSE Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Science National Honor Society for.

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All policies and procedures for NHS chapters are based on the provisions of the National Constitution. The following version of the NHS Constitution was approved for all chapters on July 8, , by the NASSP Board of Directors. Bylaws and constitution CONSTITUTION The following By-Laws and Constitution of the New Hampshire State Firemen’s Association were passed by Convention vote on, October 19, in Bartlett, New Hampshire, and will become effective as of October 19, , as recorded in the minutes of the Annual Convention business meeting.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CONSTITUTION. BROOKFIELD HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTER (Updated March, ) These bylaws were revised and accepted by Eliza Lloyd, Sophia Zaslow, Carly Consalvo, and Cameron Gleichauf. National Honor Society New Braunfels Chapter Bylaws Page 2 of 10 Section 3: In addition to the responsibilities listed under Article VII of the National Constitution.

NHS Constitution and Bylaws - NHS