Easy watercolor projects

You can try one or two of these ideas, or make your own page of all 8 techniques.

Easy watercolor projects

Favorite white gel pen — you know mine is a Uniball Signo Broad! Step One Before you get to painting your watercolor Easy watercolor projects, you will need to sketch out your city first. Use this line as the base for all your buildings in your skyline. Sketch in as many buildings in any design you like.

Easy watercolor projects

You want the taller buildings in the center and for the buildings to get gradually smaller towards the ends. This will help create the nice sloped shape of the finished cityscape.

Not all of it! I find that lots of pencils, even harder leads, still show through. As you can see in my photo, my pencil marks sort of a ghost of what they were.

The photo below shows what they should look like after erasing. Step Three Onto painting! We will be using a sort of wet-on-wet technique to help blend the colors in the cityscape.

This means that we will prime the paper with a bit of water before putting paint down. This is what helps watercolors blend so wonderfully. Step Four Repeat step three! Keep priming the paper with a bit of water, then go back with paint.

We want this to be wet for the sort of drippy effect later. Choose analogous colors meaning colors beside each other on the color wheel when picking the color for your next building.

Trying to put complementary colors next to one another i. So if you choose red for a building, try to choose red, yellow or pink for the next one.

I am not skilled enough to paint everything in one direction, so I am always rotating my page. Also, I thought you might find it amusing to see my natural painting position — headphones on and my head about 6 inches from the paper. Load your brush with just water and then paint down a loose shape that reflects the shape of your cityscape.

Now go back in with the watercolors and paint the same color below each building to fill in the watery shape.

Dry your brush off a bit and then use it absorb some of the water on your paper. Add each color of the buildings relatively near it. Let this dry thoroughly before moving on to the last step. Step Seven Using your favorite white gel pen, add some details to your buildings.

You painted a fantastic and gorgeous watercolor cityscape! I hope you found this project easy to do and fun. I love sharing my watercolor knowledge with you because it is such a fun medium to work with. She loves art journaling, painting, punk music and would have a coffee IV if they existed.Here's a super fun and easy way to paint sunflowers with watercolors!

If you're a beginning painter, you'll love How to Paint Sunflowers! Beginner's Watercolour: Simple projects for artists and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.5/5(1).

Take your medium watercolor brush and saturate it with water. Remove most of the water – you want it just damp at first, until you get the feel of how the water reacts with the watercolor paint.

Each Watercolor Project will include the following. Step-by-step i nstructions with photo examples throughout the process.; A l ist of suggested painting supplies used in each project.; A mixing chart for learning how to mix hues and values for each project.; A printed value scale is included with each project.

Example(s) of simple value sketch(es) Digital Color Photo Reference (if a photo is.

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 Do you love watercolor and creating your d0-it-yourself projects? In today’s post we’ll be looking at 25 DIY Art Projects You Can Make With Watercolors at home. Ranging from Watercolor Bags, Clothing to Stationery and Cards.

 Do you love watercolor and creating your d0-it-yourself projects? In today’s post we’ll be looking at 25 DIY Art Projects You Can Make With Watercolors at home. Ranging from Watercolor Bags, Clothing to Stationery and Cards. 3) White (opaque) paint is never used in traditional. 25 Step-By-Step Watercolor Painting Ideas You Must See. Painting ideas surround us. Look closely and you can find watercolor ideas wherever there’s beauty. But sometimes we all can use some inspiration, so this section is filled with all sorts of watercolor painting initiativeblog.com’ll find easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners and harder ideas for experts. 5 Easy Watercolor Techniques. Budget: $$, Celebrate, Crafts, It’s not a science project, it’s a Valentine’s card. Easy! This graphic card has a few fun things going on. First I used a crayon resist technique with my watercolor paint. Then I cut out and added the “XO” from glitter paper. I also stitched some vellum to the.

3)Â White (opaque) paint is never used in traditional.

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