Every family should adopt a pet

If you are looking for a pet then come visit Top of the Ridge Kennel. We take great care of all our little puppies. Bring the joy of a new puppy or two into your home. Buying a puppy is a big decision.

Every family should adopt a pet

We're doing our homework to get you Pork Chop's story. But, you can still click to see his stats! Please do check back for more Every family should adopt a pet. We're doing our homework to get you Ozzie's story.

We're doing our homework to get you Penny's story. But, you can still click to see her stats! We're doing our homework to get you Denver's story.

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Shaly If an adorable little cartoon puppy magically came to life, it would probably look like Shaly. Shaly is a three and a half month old puppy, and she doesn't have many flaws other than maybe that the other dogs might be jealous of her.

She's adorable, obviously, she loves people, cuddles, playtime, and is sweet and good natured. Shaly loves other dogs, especially her roommate Jen another adorable pooch. If you're looking for a great addition to the family who will melt your heart on a daily basis, come meet sweet Shaly!

Jen Wouldn't the world feel like a better place if you came home to this face every day? Meet Jen, one of the cutest pups ever created.

Sure we may have said that before, as we do think all pups are cute, but Jen is especially adorable. Jen is sweet, loves people, dogs, and always wants to be by your side.

She doesn't love being alone, but with a face like that why would you ever want to leave her? Jen is friendly, social, and likes to play with both people and other pups. Come meet this little girl at Bideawee today! Spoty Say hi to our boy Spoty! Poor Spoty is still a youngster under one year old and arrived here at Bideawee not too long ago with his best pal.

When his kitty friend was adopted it took a toll on Spoty, and he hasn't been himself since. He's a bit shy and hasn't been able to come out of his shell to play. We've know Spoty to be more active and love to cuddle with his kitty friends, so we can't wait for him to get a home of his own where he can be less stressed and get some major TLC.

He would do wonderfully we another cat as he loves to cuddle and play with his furry friends. Come see Spoty today and see if you have room in your heart to give this shy and lovely boy a chance!

Faith Faith is a little black and white beauty living here at Bideawee with her siblings. They are all crazy adorable and love to snuggle with eachother. Faith is super playful, and she cannot resist the jingle of her favorite little ball with a bell inside.

There isn't much cuter than Faith's little butt wiggle-pounce attack! Faith's fur is super silky and she loves to get pets and even asked for a little belly rub.

Faith would do great in a home with another kitty, as would her siblings, and what's cuter than two kittens snuggling?? Come meet Faith and her friends today! Sammy It took three short days for Sammy to decide I was fortunate enough to be her good friend and playmate and she could start asking me for some nice pets and attention!

This poor girl came to us at Bideawee after her owner passed away, and Sammy was understandably a bit upset and confused about everything when she first arrived.

Fortunately Sammy has really warmed up to us and we couldn't love her more. She likes to play with her feather wand and will meow for your attention. Sammy is looking for a home where she can spend her time hanging out, chasing the occasional toy, and warming laps whenever needed!

Come meet our sweet Sammy girl today!

Every family should adopt a pet

Ashley A good Samaritan found our little Ashley and her sister, Mary Kate, in their backyard and they were kind enough to bring these girls to us at Bideawee.

These sisters are very shy but are slowly learning that some nice affection here and there is not such a bad thing!

Ashley will need a slow introduction to your home to make her feel more relaxed, and then just pile on the TLC!Every family should have a dog. In a perfect world, that statement would all be true. Why shouldn’t you adopt a dog?

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Why should you skip out on the unconditional love of a new pet? Adopting a dog is a great fit for many families, but there is a very good reason why more people should think twice before they adopt a dog.

SECOND CHANCE MISSION STATEMENT: Second Chance Pet Adoptions is the oldest no-kill rescue organization in Wake County. At Second Chance, our mission is to champion homeless cats and dogs who are healthy or treatable in the quest to find their forever home and engage with our community to promote responsible pet ownership-ultimately reducing future generations of homeless animals.

Oct 03,  · 15 Reasons to Adopt a Pet. And with rescue shelters across the country taking in so many dogs and cats every day, sooner or later you'll find a pet that will fit well with you and your family Author: Tanveer Badal. Here are reasons why you should adopt a pet from a shelter.

so the shelter will be thrilled that you're interested in keeping a loving furry family together. can see every type of pet.

Every family should adopt a pet

Adoption. Metro Animal Care and Control has animals available for adoption every day. If you are looking to add an awesome animal to your family, MACC is the right place to find your new furry friend.

Essays on Every Home Should Adopt a Pet Animal. Every Home Should Adopt a Pet Animal Search. Search Results. Benefits Of Pets A pet is an animal kept for companionship and enjoyment or a household animal, as opposed to wild animals or to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals or .

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