Factors that affect a persons life essay

Anoxia will hit the crew when the atmospheric pressure drops to what pressure? From Living In Space by G. Artwork by Rick Sternbach.

Factors that affect a persons life essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Freud, Regardless of age, nationality, gender or ethnicity every human has something in common; we are all born as babies.

A diverse view will be analysed of the developing process in order to understand the intricate events underlying these factors from the first beat of the heart to a moment by moment development and co-ordination of thousands of biological events of the nervous and endocrine systems of the new-born will also be monitored.

Our research will engage in a holistic approach, reflecting on the nativism versus empiricism debate. After looking at a broad spectrum of topics, issues and views and their implications on certain theories and methodologies, this evidence will guide us to conclude a hypothesis on factors that relate to the effect of the development of a baby in its first year.

Looking from an evolutionary perspective, biological explanations suggest that the bond of attachment occurs naturally as a result of innate urges on the part of their baby and their carer during a critical period Bowlby.

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In support of this, Lorenz carried out an experiment on geese that had just hatched and been removed from their mothers, only for them to see humans and sure enough they imprinted the scientist instead of their mothers. Similarly, this lead Bowlby to hypothesize that both human infants and mothers has evolved an innate need made in an optimal time which propelled them towards their mothers.

For this reason he also predicted that young children who do not experience a warm and continuing attachment in the first year would fail to develop a healthy relationship in the future. However, causality is difficult to determine making it difficult to disentangle the effect of maternal separation on later behaviour as there may be other confounding factors that may contribute or even cause the final result.

Similarly, recent research has shown that babies are much more flexible and resilient than Bowlby thought and the bond between the mother and child is not irreplaceable or irreversible but babies are capable of forming attachments to several adults and have been revealed possible and successful e.

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Still, much of this information is based on retrospective data and so may not be accurate in drawing firm conclusions to maternal attachment being an exclusive factor that can affect the development of babies in their first year of life. Additionally, the human givens approach also asserts the view that there are biological needs which when not met lead to severe distress in humans such as an infant growing up in a socially deprived environment.

This has also been positively correlated to poorer health and thus weaker cognitive development in young children DCSF, which may be because living in a low income household or deprived area makes it more likely that infants will be exposed to risk factors that affect their life chances for example domestic violence, smoking, illness, low aspirations etc.

SETF, and even poor nutrition. Like all mammals, humans obtain life-sustaining nourishment through suckling and throughout the history of the human species; the only or primary source of nourishment for infants was breast milk which has many virtues Newman, In spite of this, the majority of infants are still formula-fed predominantly in undeveloped countries where poor, uneducated parents often dilute the formula in an effort to make the expensive powder last longer.

From this it could again be inferred that situational factors such as poverty also have a detrimental effect on childhood development which is why low birth weight is more likely in children from lower socio economic groups.

Factors that affect a persons life essay

This has been exemplified from the recent case of Humzah khan whose mother starved him in a cot for 21 months and was more concerned about feeding her alcohol addiction in place of her malnourished son. On the whole, Statistics do highlight that children from low-income households are more likely to experience problems with nutrition leading to a negative influence on the mental well-being of children and in the long run may even lead to childhood obesity.

Neuropsychologists demonstrate how the negative impact of stress sculpts the developing brain architecture by reducing the number of synapses in the prefrontal cortex and thus weakening the connections in neurones. Hence, this gives reason for us to believe how crucial the environment is as a factor that can affect the development of babies in their first year of life.

However, unlike broken bones irreversible maldevelopment of brain areas mediating empathy resulting from emotional neglect in infancy is not readily available.


On the other hand while rarely studied in humans the neurodevelopmental impact of sensory deprivation is the subject of hundreds of animal studies Coleman and Riesin, although it could be argued that it is quite difficult to extrapolate the results from animals to human.

Nevertheless, others counter argue that this is only done when it would be unethical to manipulate human lives due to practical and ethical reasons and even though caution is necessary in generalizing results from animals to people, similarities between species sometimes allow this to be done. Besides, case studies of humans e.

Albeit, it was very detailed on the other hand critics have argued that it was only a case study and so cannot be generalised to the wider population.

However, wider support and brain research have strengthened this study by using a triangulation of methods, thus making it more valid and less prone to doubt. Likewise, other policies such as the Green paper: In response the Green paper with its strong focus on better support for parenting and families starts with five overall aims for all children including being healthy NHS reforms and not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential Dfes Therefore, it can be insinuated that the political factor is also dominant in the physical and emotional development of babies in the first year of life.

In spite of this it is important to consider the continuous change in child culture particularly in the 21st century.

However, differences in broader culture means that not all countries have similar policies and practices particularly in collectivist cultures where children are seen as an economic liability Greenfield, Nonetheless, todays interconnected society means that many agencies are now working together with a multi-agency approach based on an international level This reinforces the view that ecology, the environment and nurture shape the development of babies in their first year of life.

This is another reason why very young babies already seem to understand that objects will move downwards unless it encounters an obstacle Spelke, Notwithstanding, current theorists do not propose that these built-in response patterns are the whole factors; rather they are the starting point.

What then develops is a result of experience filtered through these initial biases; however those biases do constrain the developmental pathways that are possible Campbell and Bickhard, Moreover, it is inevitable that both aspects of nature and nurture work in a collaborative manner alongside an organic system that operates together which is why even in those areas of development that appear to be the most clearly biologically determined can only occur if the child is growing in an environment that falls within the range of sufficient environments.Quality Care.

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