Mcdo launches

There will be quite a lot to celebrate so please spread the word so we can muster as many as possible on the day.

Mcdo launches

There will Mcdo launches quite a lot to celebrate so please spread the word so we can muster as many as possible on the day. If you wish to attend, ring or e-mail Bob Hawkins. Potential opportunists please note that only service leavers being dined out receive their meal for free and anyone entitled to MCDOA membership will be expected to join the Association before benefiting from these subsidised functions.

This dictum will not exclude the future deployment of sweeps from remotely operated platforms should an Urgent Operational Requirement UOR arise, e.

In future, resources previously invested in mechanical and influence minesweeping systems are likely to be concentrated on minehunting systems and Remotely Operated Vehicles ROVs instead. This historic event marked the end of years of conventional minesweeping in the Royal Navy.

At the start of the 20th Century, mine countermeasures MCM against existing crude moored contact mines were limited to dragging chains across the seabed between pairs of trawlers or fitting a variety of self-protective cow-catcher devices to the bows of warships.

In Decemberthe Admiralty leased two Grimsby trawlers to trial a modified fishing trawl against a field of dummy moored mines at Portland. At the same time, the Trawler Reserve was instituted for the mobilisation of trawlers and 1, officers and ratings during periods of tension.

By the end of WW I, the Trawler Reserve numbered 39, officers and men of whom 10, were employed in minesweepers. One of these, HMS Circe, had been built in By the end of the war, British minesweeping forces totalled vessels stationed at 26 home ports and 35 foreign bases.

During WW I, the torpedo establishment at HMS Vernon developed high speed wire sweeps for destroyers and introduced paravanes for the self-protection of major warships and merchant ships. These developments culminated in the Oropesa Mk 1, named after the trawler involved in its trial.

This wire sweep could be deployed by a single sweeper but was not formally accepted into service until The Oropesa sweep was kept at the required depth by a multi-vane kite otter.

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Its end was diverted laterally by another kite on its side, or by an otter board, suspended beneath a streamlined float.

The sweep proved effective in several types of vessel. When the first German magnetic mine appeared incolliers were requisitioned and converted into mine destructor ships with huge electro-magnets in their holds.

A petrol-powered 35kW generator set and batteries pulsed the sweep at amps for 5 seconds each minute. Bythe hammer box was common in a variety of minesweepers and sometimes towed abeam with the LL magnetic sweep.

Later in the war, the Oropesa Mk 1 mechanical sweep was augmented by the lighter Oropesa Mk 2 which could be towed by small craft such as motor launches MLs or converted Landing Craft.

This shallow water sweep, based on a German design, came into its own during the defence of Malta, the Normandy invasion and later in the Scheldt estuary.

This sweep was streamed as a single Oropesa from one quarter or as a double Oropesa from both quarters.

Later, HM Ships Brecon and Ledbury arrived in theatre and confirmed by sonar that all poised mines had been cleared.

Further utilising their submersibles and divers the two mine hunters then located and disposed of remaining married mine failures and mine sinkers.

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There was a high turnout for the informative operational updates and AGM at Horsea Island on Friday and 98 members and guests attended the cracking dinner that followed at Whale Island.While the program launches Aug.

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Mcdo launches

A life rich and full, well lived. Dr. Thomas H. Kiah, the dapper leader of old Princess Anne College who died in , left a lasting impression on most people he encountered - an observant Louis Frazier Martin among them.

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