Optus mobile broadband business plans

Optus Contact Optus customer service by using the telephone number below. It is the second largest telecommunications provider in Australia, after Telstra. It operates wholesale and retail services both directly to the public through its Yes Optus brand and to other companies.

Optus mobile broadband business plans

Optus myZOO Help - Optus Wireless Broadband Help Available in selected homes. Fair Go Policy applies.
Compare our broadband plans Limit one per customer per device.
Don't be locked in a contract Variety of options to suit business needs. Business Select plans for more than 20 employees with high level of flexibility and payment for what is used.
simple to join With 4G devices and a compatible plan, you can access our 3G network plus some or all of our 4G Plus network.

Less money FREE activation. There's zero cost upfront. All the entertainment you need, delivered super-fast and right to your device. Choice of contract terms Choice of contract terms Choose to lock-in for twelve months for great additional value, or go month-to-month for flexibility.

The choice is all yours.

Telstra 4GX Modem

Spend control function Spend control function With Exetel's spend control function you can limit the cost of additional usage charges each month.

Every device One SIM card. Order today for free delivery of your 3 in 1 SIM Card. Our SIM fits any mobile device. Standard, micro or nano.

optus mobile broadband business plans

Things you need to know How data allowances work Whether you're downloading or uploading, as you use your data we count each session in kilobytes. This means you get more usage out of your total data plan each month than if we counted in megabytes. That means your data goes further.

Each Exetel mobile plan comes with a monthly allowance of measured in gigabytes, which is 1, megabytes.

optus mobile broadband business plans

There is no roll-over or refund to the next month for any unused data allowance. And for the first month your data allowance is prorated based on the days left in your billing cycle. Upgrading and downgrading you plan If you wish to downgrade your month ExeGo plan to a lower included value plan or change to a month-to-month plan, inside your initial month term you will have to pay the applicable early cancelation fee for your current month plan and then select your new plan in your My Exetel members facility.

Any new month plan you select will have its own new month term and applicable early cancelation fee. If you wish to upgrade your month plan in your initial month contract, you can do this and keep your initial contract term.

Early Termination Fees will apply to the new plan for the remainder of the original plan contract term. Exetel acceptable use policy Exetel's mobile service acceptable use policy applies. You can read our acceptable use policy here. This will be credited back to you on your first invoice.Customer help on Optus home products and services.

Questions and answers on billing and accounts, home phone, mobile phone and internet related topics. initiativeblog.com: Optus Business Mobile Plans, Small Business Phone Systems, Business Phone Plans, Business Broadband, Optus Mobile Phones As a Yes Optus Business Centre, we service small and medium businesses throughout West Melbourne.

Optus Wireless Broadband. This area is designed to help you maximise your Internet experience by providing simple yet clear educational information on Internet topics, the Optus .

Optus Wireless Broadband

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Optus Mobile Broadband (excluding Pre-Paid) and Optus Mobile Broadband Fusion customers: Please make sure you are connecting to the internet from your Optus Mobile Broadband modem then click My Usage to access your Data Usage Meter.

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