Othello and iago foils

Although a physical foil would be that of their skin colour, Cassio and Othello are a foil in that Cassio lives by norms of the white society and even patriarchal society, whereas Othello, who although lives in this society, is dislocated. Othello does not subscribe to the society; rather it is ruthlessly ascribed to him. It is hard to believe that the Othello Iago describes exists.

Othello and iago foils

Traditionally, a foil is a minor character who, through comparison and contrast, serves to highlight the brilliance of the protagonist or hero.

The Power of Shakespeare's Character Foils

Iago is no minor character: Iago is Janus, a foil unto himself, one who opens and closes scenes and the play itself. If he is a If he is a foil of Othellohe's not a classical one anyway, and not my first pick. Iago is mainly a villain, and to call him otherwise, I think, subverts his purpose.

It is this polar opposition that drives the play. Roderigo and Cassio, white Christian Venetian males, are better foils for Iago.

Publicly, Iago looks like them, talks like them, acts like them. Othello is on an island in this play, alienated by race, age, religion, rank, and status.

The closest foil for Othello, I think, is the Turk, who ironically never appears, but lurks on the fringes. The Turk is Othello's "otherness," his Id, his jealous rage--hovering at the beginning and make flesh by the end. The death of the Turkish forces at sea signals the beginning of the tragedy.

Othello and iago foils

This is when Othello's darker side, his morbid jealous as you say, begins to rear its head. Once on Cyprus, once the Turks have been defeated, once Othello lets his guard down, once Othello moves from a military man to a domestic civilian, Iago gains advantage and becomes the Vice figure who torments Othello, eliciting his self-loathing, fear, vaunted male pride, and morbid jealousy.Characters Protagonist: Othello Antagonist: Iago Foils of Othello: Michael Cassio, Iago Othello: Black Moor who is the greatest army general in initiativeblog.com is intelligent, courageous, and honorable.

His marriage to beautiful Desdemona, the daughter of a.

Foils in Othello | Othello No, not the Sidekickwho follows the main character around.
Downloading prezi... Iago plays Roderigo like a puppet. He uses him and his money for his own ends, chief of which is to harm Othello.
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An extension of the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool Most notably in this comparison is young Michael Cassio, a beautifully written foil character to the general in the fact that where Othello possesses these three qualities and othersCassio either lacks them entirely or enhances them to the betterment of those around him.
Related Questions This observation demonstrates that these three main traits—grandeur, self-control, and nobility—are key to understanding Othello's complex character, and even more helpful in understanding the contrasts between him and his subordinates.

Aug 03,  · Foils in Othello August 3, A foil, or foil character, is a character in a story who acts in a drastically different way than the main protagonist in order to show the strong differences between the characters. Deuteragonist. The second guy. No, not the Sidekick, who follows the main character initiativeblog.com the Supporting Protagonist, who is a main character but not the focus of the initiativeblog.com the Decoy Protagonist either.

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Foil Character Role Analysis Emilia to Desdemona. An older, more experienced, more cynical woman, Emilia's attitude towards men contrasts with Desdemona's naïve idealism.

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