Student thesis at cbs

Thirty hours of credit beyond the baccalaureate or professional degree at the graduate level in courses numbered or above must be earned. The curricular requirements include: Few students are admitted to this degree program.

Student thesis at cbs

Having such hands-on and diverse experience working with various teams allowed me to Student thesis at cbs not only as a media planner but also as a professional and team player.

I also worked with other interns on a group presentation, having to refine my collaboration, research and communication skills every day.

Student thesis at cbs

The Richards Group is a great place for anyone looking to speak up and have their ideas valued and put to great use. We started an Instagram account and figured out the right combination of buttons to hit in a recording studio to make magic happen.

Working there was a great experience, getting to see the ins and outs of what it takes to run a radio show, how advertising and marketing works from the media side, and getting to meet some very cool people along the way — celebrities and the fun people who work there.

Most importantly, however, I learned to never take for granted getting to sleep past 5: I worked in the digital production department and collaborated on projects for Popeyes and the United States Air Force. Some of those projects included testing and distributing recruitment tools for the Air Force and brainstorming on future interactive campaigns for Popeyes.

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Being able to make these kinds of connections and learn about the various teams that work at an agency was incredible and exactly what I was looking for in an internship. All of my coworkers have been friendly and helpful and I could not have asked for a better place to be.

I created digital content for Southwest. One of the biggest takeaways from this experience was the importance of company culture. Southwest embodies everything one would look for when it comes to a wonderful work environment.

I got to work with friendly, hard-working individuals whose drive and creativity inspired me. My boss and supervisors understood the importance of work-life balance and really worked with me whenever I felt overwhelmed.

My internship with Southwest was truly beneficial for my growth as a designer and young professional. My Meadows professors gave me the tools and knowledge to walk into this internship with confidence and an excellent design and advertising skill set. Southwest gave me the real-world experience that prepared me to succeed in my post-graduation career now.

There, I got to experience the culture while visiting a living-wage garment factory and staying in the homes of the workers. I took everything I learned and have created an initiative on campus to promote ethical apparel. I want students to know that we are the difference and we have the power to prove that ethical apparel is possible.

In addition, in summer I had the opportunity to serve as creative intern with Weller Media Agency in New York City, which was an amazing experience. Samantha with Alta Gracia garment factory worker Alfredo Toledo. The coolest part of my internship was being put on a pitch where I worked directly with the associate creative director.

My input and ideas were valued and some of my concepts were utilized. I was also a part of a larger internship program called MAIP, which provided me with a lot of awesome opportunities and connections as well. Interning in New York has been a great experience. The people at McCann Detroit were so kind and accommodating.

Student thesis at cbs

I got to see how everyone in the agency worked together. I became close friends with the fellow interns; we brainstormed together, ate lunch together and came up with our first ads together.Picture: Screendump of the portal containing CBS student final theses.

Since CBS Library has collected and published final theses online on [email protected] [email protected] allows you to search and browse non-confidential Copenhagen Business School diploma, master, and .

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In order to graduate as a Commonwealth Scholar, students must complete an Honors thesis or project. This may take the form of a research project, a critical or philosophical analysis, a computer program, a performance, an art exhibit, a public service project, or any other original work that makes a significant contribution to your field of study.

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Established by Government of Central Provinces Education Department by Notification Number dated the 1st of August, & presently a State University governed by Maharashtra Public Universities Act, (Mah.

Santangel's Review interviews Ira Sohn Contest Winner and current CBS student Michael Guichon '15 on his thesis for Fiat. Read More Margaret Cannella '76 Speaks at High Yield Tutorial. The honors thesis required for CBS students in honors is a hybrid between a review article (in-depth introduction that gives the “big picture”) and a primary article (the student’s own Methods, Results, Discussion), and is.

Supervision. Bachelor/Master students East African Currency Union Students: Florian Preiss and Dominik Rappe Programme: Master thesis, visiting student, Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, ItalyStatus: Completed, November ; Joint initiative between CBS and the Central Bank of Iceland.

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