Taking photos using a nikon d 80

Nikon started using a very strong hot mirror, with a cut off well above the IR level. For the best astro-photography you need to be able to get down to nm very deep redalmost all emission nebula are hydrogen and glow that wavelength. If you want to experiment though, with at least a mm lens you can get many of the larger nebula in the sky.

Taking photos using a nikon d 80

Is this true with you guys? I also obtained a secondhand D50 in mint condition for backup, I photograph property for a living. I know that the D80 is superior with regard to menu systems, autofocus, LCD display, and sometimes but not always image quality. Alvin Leyva Sep More controls and more features.

It definitely helps the photographer capture the image. Check out my gallery as I update it with more D80 photos. If it worked as intended, it would be OK. However, this one has been serviced twice by Nikon in a very short period of time.

John Falkenstine Aug Overall, the D80 is well built.

D80 Black and White Setting | initiativeblog.com Photography Forums Depending on the metering mode and focus point the camera may be exposing for a bright part of the image, leaving the rest dark. As far as a camera is concerned, room lights are not very bright.
You may also like That leaves you free to concentrate on a handful of other camera options, such as aperture and shutter speed, that you can manipulate to achieve a specific photographic goal. I offer a few compositional and creative tips along the way — but again, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for every so-called rule, there are plenty of great images that prove the exception.
Nikon D80 with Telescope for Astrophotography | initiativeblog.com Photography Forums Two things I can tell you about, but before that wanted to mention D80 is not an entry level camera. Most of the newer entry level camers might have higher resolution, etc.
By Nasim Mansurov 22 Comments Low light photography is not necessarily just night photography, as many people assume.
What is going on?

But;the kit lens is barely acceptable, and for a 10 mp unit image quality, unless adjusted inside the camera is really soft, quite disappointingly so. Most of the reviews of this camera are just repeated yada-yada hype without any proof of real performance or without knowledge of what a better image should look like at this resolution level.

The internet proves over and over again that it is an information engine and that such information might or might not really be true, making it a paradise for self-styled "doktors of photography".

My recommendation is that folks who write about these cameras show some credibility or proof thereof by some comparative testing of this equipment. As of right now I find the unit a decent replacement, but certainly not a quantum jump over the supposedly slow and clumsy Olympus C The best way to buy a D80 for the serious photographer is with NO kit lens and then to put something really nice on the front.

Skip all of these longish lenses that most folks use. Anything over 80mm is really just a waste most of the time. OrG Photography Aug I believe that D80 was really a great choice on MAR I have made more then I would really advice this stuff for those of you who might be able to be truly creative and believe that images from this sometimes outstanding body are a TOP of their opportunities with photography at all.

This cam contains a lot of things inside which are not so simple to use by not so skilled people, otherwise images with 2.Jan 11,  · A recent article I read in Sky and Telescope spoke on the subject of using digital cameras with telescopes for Astrophotography. I'm expressing . The major drawback was that even using the remote to take pictures with the Nikon D80 on a tripod yielded inconsistent results.

If I waited too long between shots the camera would power down and I'd have to reset all the settings again each time. What are some useful tricks and tips with a Nikon D80 camera or any entry level DSLR camera? Update Cancel.

Answer Wiki. When it comes to taking good water reflections, there are two important steps. The Nikon D 80 is an amazing camera to have! For those of you who have Nikon DSLRs featuring the D-Movie mode that captures HD quality video, the best way to shoot fireworks is using the auto mode.

Then you can incorporate the movies and stills into a compelling slideshow or edited movie to share with family and friends. Its the middle of the day and I want to take photos inside, lights are on as well, and my camera is taking very dark pictures Its on Manual shutter speed 1/80 sec aperture ISO lens Nikon nikkor mm What is going on?

Taking photos using a nikon d 80

hi Nasim I’m Saliya actually this is not a comment this a focus related problem which i faced when i’am taking a prize giving photos, pls can u tel me which way is best to use such an event like prize giving or a certificate handing over i’am using nikon d90 & d ?

Nikon D80 Digital Camera Sample Photos and Specifications