The reality of the melting pot in do the right thing by spike lee

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The reality of the melting pot in do the right thing by spike lee

Public school in Tennessee meant a fairly even split, integration-wise: In New England it meant 1 black kid in a school of Even as a kid, I noticed the difference. After learning later about the Boston bus riots, I understood why.

All you have to do is look at the majority of southern representatives in congress, what they're doing or not doing and how they're voting.

There's plenty of upper class trash too. I had white bullies and black bullies, and now I live in an area that's predominantly Latino. And yet you want to accuse Southerners of having attitude about race and class? Many transplants are, in fact, black, so many that those who research and write about such things have begun to refer to a Reverse Great Migration.

Many refer to an African-American 'Brain Drain' to the South because recent African-American college graduates are overwhelmingly picking the urban South as a place to settle.

Sorry that the facts on the ground don't quite fit your preconceived notions or your South-bashing efforts, but there it is. It started its lagging early. The men who did survive the war were all shellshocked and or amputees. The women and children also suffered deprivation and starvation.

The northern soldiers looted, raped and burned everything they could get their hands on. The place was rural as fuck and the cities were miserable. Air conditioning wasn't widespread until the s. You can say what you want about our segregated areas and shitty civil rights legislation but we've lived near,had sex with and worked with black people a lot longer than the north.

Boston had riots when they were finally forced to desegregate their schools. This was in the 70s. The most segregated city in America? When I go to weddings, bars, parties and restaurants up north, there are no black people unless they are on the staff. You fuckers don't mix.

All of this anecdotal evidence plus your constant need to deflect could lead me to believe it's y'all with the race issues. And politicians from the North are not all shiny boyscouts, hon, even those who put forth an impressive prog front.

The reality of the melting pot in do the right thing by spike lee

You're a fool if you think they are. I'm proud to say my rep from right down here in the deep south is civil rights hero John Lewis, the best rep congress has likely ever seen, so shut your queeny-ass trap before you mouth off like that.

I am sick to fuck of all of the yankees, especially new yorkers, moving south. Not a problem at all, R21! We northern states will naturally also stop the flow of federal dollars taken from our back-breaking labor and dispensed liberally to feed you and your lazy, unproductive, web-toed rug munchers.

The only racial spew I've ever heard in person came from shitheads who moved here from Ohio, Michigan, all those crappy New England states and California. My God, California, you breed some trash. The most racist things I've heard from southerners is along the lines of "black babies are the cutest and don't black people have the best rhythm?Breaking news, weather, radar, traffic, sports from FOX 5 DC for Washington, DC, Maryland and northern Virginia - WTTG-TV.

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Why is the South so backwards?