Thesis of customer relationship management

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Thesis of customer relationship management

Whether it is called customer relationship management, CRM, or just good business practice based on common sense, making customers central to immediate and long-term business action is on the rapid rise. Leading-edge companies the world over are recognizing that intimate, one-to-one relationships with their customers are critical to survival in our increasingly global and competitive marketplace.

Bibliography lists 14 sources. CRM in the Luxury Fashion Market in Europe This 14 page paper looks at the way that customer relationship management takes place in the high end, or luxury fashion market in Europe, considering the way both personal and technologic development are impacting on customer relationships.

The bibliography cites Thesis of customer relationship management sources. The book is a good overview on all aspects of e-business; including management of the infrastructure, the e-environment, e-business strategy, supply chain management, e-procurement, internet marketing, customer relationship management change management, design implementation and maintenance.

The paper takes each chapter and summarizes the contents of each chapter. The bibliography cites 1 source. Insurance Company Case Study This 7 page paper examines a case study supplied by the student. An insurance company wants to use information technology and the internet to enhance sales, but it is resulting in alienating the customers rather than empowering them.

The paper discusses the root cause of the problems and suggests a different more integrated approach using customer relationship management, explaining how this could increase customer satisfaction in a service industry.

The bibliography cites 9 sources. Avis This 7 page paper examines how Avis has managed to gain and sustain such high level of customer loyalty in a competitive environment. The paper considers the marketing and position of the company with sections that individual considers customers, collaborators, competitors, co-workers, marketing strategy and customer relationship management.

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The bibliography cites 10 sources. Strategies for the Pharmaceutical Industry Dealing with Buyers and Suppliers This 10 page paper is written in two parts. The first 7 pages consider the way that strategic supply chain management may help pharmaceutical companies manage their business and add value.

The paper considers the upstream and downstream firms looking at strategies such as creating long term relationships, the value chain and virtual value chain and the use of customer relationship management. The last 3 pages are made up of slides for a PowerPoint presentation of the papers contents.

The bibliography cites 6 sources. Return on Quality This 4 page paper looks at the way investment in quality can have the potential for a positive return on investment.

A range of investment types are discussed including investment in the quality of customer relationship management to improve customer loyalty, investment in training staff, investment in systems and investment in equipment.

Thesis of customer relationship management

The paper also considers the consequences of failing to invest. Marketers and the marketing discipline devoted much time and energy to developing what would come to be known as the marketing mix, the four "Ps" of marketing that have guided marketing efforts for years.

The four Ps have been criticized as being too myopic for current use; an alternative is effective use of customer data. Bibliography lists 4 sources.Customer relationship management | Dissertation Uploaded by Rishad D'Cruz The effect customer relationship management has on the recruitment of Indian students to 5/5(1).

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the process by which a company recognize and please each customer individually to improve customers experience by fulfill their unspoken needs and make them to buy the product of the company again and again. Customer Relationship Management methodologies.

Phd thesis on customer relationship management

CRM is aimed at building strong long term relationships that keep customers coming back repeatedly. It aims to help organizations build individual customer relationships in such a way that both the firm and the customer get the most out of the exchange, providing both parties with long term benefits.

CRM stands for customer relationship management that is a marketing approach providing satisfaction of customer needs at every point of interaction between the cus- tomer and the cooperation (Kotler & .

Thesis of customer relationship management

Please see customer relationship marketing and International relationship marketing for an understanding of the importance of taking into account the employees cultural background when formulating a customer relationship management strategy.5/5(1).

Customer Relationship Management What I want to do is become a consultant to the entertainment industry as well as other industries.

I would like to merge my data analysis skills, the marketing experience I am gaining at my job, and my business experience with the entertainment industry.

Customer relationship management master thesis