Why did the quraish not accept

Their anger descended on those of their fellow tribesmen who had become Muslims and were defenceless. Every clan targeted those who had become Muslims.

Why did the quraish not accept

They say, "If we follow this guidance with you, we shall be snatched away from our land. Interpretation by Maulana Maududi: The importance that the Quraish gained initially in Arabia was due to them being genealogically the descendents of the Prophet Ishmael, and therefore, the Arabs looked upon them as the children of the Prophets.

Then, when they became the custodians of the Ka'bah through Qusayy bin Kilab's sagacity, and Makkah became their home, their importance grew, because they were the attendants of the most, sacred shrine of Arabia, and its priests too.

Therefore, every Arab tribe had to have relations with them on account of the annual pilgrimage. Taking advantage of this central position the Quraish started gaining prominence as a commercial people, and to their great good fortune, the political conflict between the Eastern Roman Empire and Iran helped them to gain an important place in the international trade.

Iran in those days had blocked entrance to all the trade routes between Rome, Greece, Egypt and Syria in the north and China, India, Indonesia and eastern Africa in the south-east. The only exception was' the Red Sea route. This also was blocked when Yaman fell to Iran. After this no way of the transit of trade goods remained except that the Arab rnerchants should transport merchandise of the Roman territories to the harbours of the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, and then lift trade goods of the eastern countries from these harbours and transport them to the Roman territories This sort of arrangement made Makkah an important center of the international trade, and the Quraish were its monopolists.

But the chaotic conditions prevailing in Arabia did not allow smooth transit of the trade goods unless the Quraish had had pleasant relations with the tribes through whose territories the trade caravans passed.

For this the religious influence of the Quraish was not enough; they had had to enter into treaties with the tribes concerned, pay them dividends from their profits, and make gifts to the tribal chiefs and other influential people.

Besides, they traded in money-lending also on a vast scale, which had ensnared the merchants and the chiefs of almost all the neighbouring tribes. Such were the conditions when the Holy Prophet gave his message of Tauhid.

Why did the quraish not accept

More than the prejudice of ancestral religion what caused the Quraish the greatest provocation against it was that in it they saw their own interests in jeopardy. They thought that even if polytheism and idol-worship were proved wrong and.

Tauhid right by rational arguments and reasoning, it was ruinous for them to accept Tauhid. For as soon as they did so the whole of Arabia would rise in revolt against them. Then, they would be ousted from the custodianship of the Ka'bah, and alI their bonds and pacts of friendship with the polytheistic tribes would be severed, which alone guaranteed the safe transit of their trade caravans through their territories.

Why did the quraish not accept

Thus, the new Faith would not only put an end to their religious influence but also to their economic prosperity, and they might even be forced by the Arabs to quit Makkah.

Thispresents a strange phenomenon of the lack of insight on the part of the world-worshippers.

The reason why the Quraish did not want to accept Islam : islam

The Holy Prophet tried his best to make them believe that if they accepted his Message, the whole world would yield and submit to them. See also Introduction to Surah Sad. But they saw their death in it. They thought that the change of the Faith would not only deprive them of their wealth and prosperity and influence but would render them so completely helpless in the land that the birds of the sky would pick and eat their flesh.

They could not foresee the time when a few years afterwards the whole of Arabia was going to be ruled by' a central government under the Holy Prophet himself.But the chaotic conditions prevailing in Arabia did not allow smooth transit of the trade goods unless the Quraish had had pleasant relations with the tribes through whose territories the trade caravans passed.

"Surely, the true religion in Allah's sight is Islam" (3:19)

* All of Quraish, including the leaders, accepted Islam in the end. So, I believe you mean to ask “Why didn’t majority of Quraish (specially the leaders) This page may be out of date. To learn that Quraish was blind to who provided her with all the abundance; To see that Quraish is reminded to recognize these facts and become: a.

grateful to Allah, b. accept Islam, and. c. stop its pagan ways; This Surah is a message to Quraish explaining they had their wonderful position because of . Sep 03,  · Why did many people in Mecca reject Muhammad's ideas at first? For being afraid to lose their power on people and slaves and for feeling pride .

Q.8 Why did the Quraish oppose the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)?

Why did the Quraysh of Mecca reject Muhammad's message

Ans. The Holy Prophet asked the Quraish not to worship there false Gods but to worship the One and only true God and to . They did not know how to cope with the problem of visitors from afar listening to him in Makkah. They asked the advice of al-Walid ibn al-Mughirah, an old man of some experience.

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