Writing and publishing wikispaces help

Technical writing is often a boundary-less occupation. So, we rely on tools to support the projects we complete. The key to a successful technical writing project is communication. No matter how complex the assignment, regular communication is critical.

Writing and publishing wikispaces help

Wednesday, October 31, Publishing Students' Writing Ever feel like you're pushing a boulder up hill trying to get your students to write? Wondering how to motivate them?

One of the best things I've ever done to turn my students on to writing is the assure them that they'd never have to write for me-well, not just me, that is. They would choose an audience, write for them and share it with them. Writing is a form of communication, and it only becomes meaningful when students are communicate with an audience that holds value for the them.

Publish on blog-Have your students create a blog. They can post their work, share it and comment back and forth. Google and yahoo have free, user friendly blogs.

They can share access to a site and work together on a piece. Put into a class book-Have students write short stories, poems, raps, etc and create a booklet collection for all of the students to keep.

Put in newsletter-If your school sends out newsletters, ask if your students can write a column. I had one of my classes write weekly essays. I chose the best one to be published in the weekly school bulletin. Students were excited to revise their work when it was being published and shared school wide.

Create a contest-Sponsor a writing contest. Present in a talent show-Have students share their writing in school assemblies and talent shows. Bulletin board-Post student work on bulletin boards Dedications-Have students create dedication pages and encourage them to share their essays with those the papers are dedicated to.

Portfolios-Have students keep portfolios with their writing.

writing and publishing wikispaces help

Share these portfolios with families during parent teacher conferences. Turn their essays into speeches-Have them present their writing to the class. Submit to magazines-Have students submit their writing to magazines that publish entries.

Young Authors Society-Start a group where students can share and publish their writing. Nationwide Writing Contests Make it a gift-Have students turn essays into gifts. For example, in May they can write letters to important women in their lives and give them to those women for Mother's Day.

Dramatic readings to younger grades-Have students write and share their writing with younger grades. They can turn them into books and leave them behind for the younger children's classroom library.Documents to help in planning writing and also overviews of VELS outcomes in writing.

Write Time For Kids Resources A huge collection of ready-made stimulus pictures and short articles for guided reading, followed by writing tasks related to the topic. We use a coloured pencil so that Mrs Templeton can see that we are thinking about our writing.

The last thing we do is publish our work so that other people can enjoy what we have written. Conjunction Game. Sep 17,  · Last week an English teacher popped in to get ideas on how her students could create a web site to showcase their final writing project. In the past, her students learned how to use Microsoft FrontPage and then copied their web pages to a CD, not publishing to a web site.

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